EcoEnergy Project

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for ‘240 MW Wind Project’

  • Client: Acwa Power
  • Date: 2020

ACWA Power has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2020 for the construction and operation of a 240 MW power plant. According to the Electricity Procurement, the wind energy project is expected to operate on a construction-property-operation basis for 20 years. The 240 MW wind power project will be divided and built into two (2) areas, as shown below. Khizi 3: power will be up to 182 MW and will be generated using 28 x 6.5 MW field generators located in Khizi district; Area 1: The capacity will be up to 58.5 MW and will be generated using 9 x 6.5 MW wind generators located in the Absheron region. In accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment, archeological, biodiversity, air quality, sound, water and soil samples were taken and analyzed in the area.



Inquiry of bats

Water Analysis