At EcoEnergy, we believe that Zero Emission future must use sustainable energy sources to achieve it. However, the most popular energy Renewable Energy sources are intermittent and do not always match the consumption curve/rate. Grid-Level Storage is necessary to achieve a sustainable energy future. 
One of the most interesting and innovative ways to store excess energy is the Liquid Metal Battery (LMB). 
In most batteries, the electrodes — and sometimes the electrolyte — are solid. But in LMB, all three layers are liquid. The negative electrode — the top layer in the battery — is a low-density liquid metal that donates electrons. The positive electrode — the bottom layer — is a high-density liquid metal that accepts those electrons. And the electrolyte — the middle layer — is a molten salt that transfers charged particles but won’t mix different layers of the battery. Because of the differences in density and the immiscibility of the three materials, they naturally settle into three distinct layers and remain separate as the battery operates.