Hybrid (solar and wind) system in Sitalchay. At Ecoenergy, We believe that Renewable Energy is the energy of the future. We believe that there is a strong need for change to sustainable energy sources. We decide that it is time to walk the talk and greened our office in Sitalchay with renewable energy solutions. It was an exciting experience to turn on the light in our office powered by the sun and the wind. Now the electricity that our office uses in Sitalchay is CO2 free. The size of the hybrid system is designed to supply enough electricity for outdoor illumination and the daily energy needs of the office. The energy storage should be enough for 1-2 days of autonomy.
Energy will be the choice of many households in the village. Our pole with wind turbine and the solar panel stands like a beacon to remind us about the green solutions for energy. Special thanks to our partner, SWTECH, for providing equipment and support in the installation of this system.